About us

BekkHans Studios are sculptors and prop builders to the international market, providing a wide range of services to the entertainment industry and individual collectors.

We Design, sculp, build to the creative & entertainment industry by producing high quality weapons, armor and associated props for all types of creative endeavours in any genre, to any scale and within budget.

We believe that our services can be mutually beneficial to the international creative market in order to continually raise the bar of movie quality and promotional material. By using a proffessional specialist in BekkHans Studio, we believe that any creative project gains greater realism on screen and in real life.

Our services are provided to the: Film and Gameing Industry, Music video creations & Band props, Custom themed shop display or for private homes, custom collectors items, and Amusement park prop productions.

We look forward to sculpting your next project.

John Bekkensten
Creative Director & Workshop Supervisor.

Bruce Hansing
Creative Director & Workshop Lead Sculptor.