Film credits:

Gladiator 001


The majority of the one off sculpted helmets and individual armour for lead characters.

James Bond 001


Including TOMORROW NEVER DIES : Various weapons and large dragon sculpts for setwork.


Braveheart 001


Sculpting and production of the armor & weapon parts for the English troops.


Batman 001


The production of all the exotic suits of armour in Wayne Manor.


Robin Hood 001


Production of armour and weapons for the film.


Robocop 001Robocop 001


Production of fiberglass stunt suits for both films plus suits for worldwide promotions.


Willow 001


Production of armour,specialy sculpted helmets for lead characters and numerous armour pieces.



Worked & employed with Swiss Artist H R GIGER, to work on projects at his studio and for the Giger museum in Switzerland.
Secondly on a joint project in Switzerland for a discoteque that was totaly transformed into a Gigeresque world complete with 10 aliens and the Queen Alien.

Alien Disco 001 Alien Disco 002 Alien Disco 003 Alien Disco 004 Alien Disco 005 Alien Disco 006 Alien Disco 007 Alien Disco 008 Alien Disco 009 Alien Disco 010 Alien Disco 011 Alien Disco 012 Alien Disco 013 Alien Disco 014 Alien Disco 015 Alien Disco 016 Alien Disco 017 Alien Disco 018 Alien Disco 019 Alien Disco 020 Alien Disco 021 Alien Disco 022 Alien Disco 023 Alien Disco 024 Alien Disco 025 Alien Disco 026

Promotional work for 20th Century Fox including the production of the Alien Queen for numerous promotional tasks and also the production of Aliens and weapons for the worldwide promotion of Alien4.

Alien 001 Alien 002 Alien 003 Alien 004 Alien 005 Alien 006 Alien 007 Alien 008 Alien 009 Alien 010 Alien 011 Alien 012 Alien 013 Alien 014 Alien 015 Alien 016 Alien 017 Alien 018

Outland Oslo:

Commission work to transform two store walls into a themed Gothic and LOTR inspired walls for their opening of a new shop.

This project was an exiting and fun project. We started by visiting the shop to take photos of the walls, from this we brainstormed and had a second meeting were we presented a selection of concept drawings. Based on these drawings and a dialog we found an ideal solution and was given the green light to proceed with production. Production to complete 2 different design walls and columns and a custom armor took approximately 2 month from start to finish. We wish to thank Mikael and Simen for entrusting us with this project and hope to do exiting and new joint projects in future.

Outland 001 Outland 002 Outland 003 Outland 004 Outland 005 Outland 006 Outland 007 Outland 008 Outland 009 Outland 010 Outland 011 Outland 012 Outland 013 Outland 014 Outland 015 Outland 016 Outland 017 Outland 018 Outland 019 Outland 020 Outland 021

  • Sculpting and cast for Euro Disney Theme Park; dragons, pirates, rockwork and pirate gallionship, other props and rockwork.
  • Castings for Mike Hill's fantastic sculptures of Alex Ross Superheros.