Workshop Services

If you have an idea or a concept, then we can help your ideas and visions come to life.

We can take an initial design or concept and develop it further with drawings and 3D maquettes.
Once approved,the final design can be sculpted and conceived through the mediums of clay, fiberglass, sillicone and polyurethane rubbers, - whichever material/materials best suits the requirements of the client.

Our clients range from private collectors, museums, amusement parks, retailers, commercial industry to Box office movies.

No work is too big or small, in work, shape or size. The only limits to the imaginary is set by your own budget.

Commercial or Public Display:

Providing creative costumes or static sculptural work for public/ commercial or promotional display.

We offer sculptural services for display & prop pieces at large or modest scale for amusement parks, exhibitions or public or commercial art venues.

We can provide this ideal if You request to have an vissual promotional static or wearable display of high quality in public or in a commercial setting, to any scale or budget.

Walt DisneyParamount20th Century FoxDisnleyland Paris

Custom Themed Work:

BekkHans provide the visual solution for your needs. Do you dream of a custom themed home theatre, bar, or store/shop display room?

We can design, sculpt, and provide services in custom build home theatres, scenery, backdrops, tradeshows, exhibits, retail displays, showrooms, film, stage and television.

Combine this with our conceptual designer to visually draw and design the best solution for your wanted project.


Weapons Armour & Props:

BekkHans have contributed with a range of unique weapons, armors and props to Blockbuster movies as well as private commission props & collectibles.

The creative hands of our Lead Sculptor, Bruce Hansing have tackled assignments in all genres and degrees of complexity in several blockbuster movies.

The BekkHans WAP is managed by John Bekkensten & Bruce Hansing, and together the team can create any kind of armor, weapon or prop from the individual to mass produced props.

Lucasfilm20th Century FoxMGMWarner BrosParamount

Creature & FX Specialist:

Our talented sculptors & animatronic experts can produce original, dynamic and realistic creatures of the highest quality for any kind of creative endeavour and to any scale.

BekkHans CFS is capable of undertaking complex creature work using the latest materials and methods.

Contact us for our professional expertize and advice.